Stages for Life. Theatrical Training Laboratories

The Project

In 2015, the association of Art Teachers, Entre las Artes, in collaboration with the Theater and Circus Area of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, designed and developed a non-formal theatre training pilot project in order to build, in collaboration with the theatrical sector, a recommendations document for the formulation of a national non-formal theatre training policy. The proposal was “to contribute to the creation of quality, sustainable conditions for the Theater Training Laboratories offered by the Ministry of Culture, taking into account the different training needs across the territories, as well as the regional artistic and cultural contexts.

The Realisation

Based on the results of a country-wide survey on theatre training carried out by the state, Project Director María Elena Ronderos designed a participatory pedagogical program and tools for each teacher to plan their Laboratory along one of the three lines of work drawn up by the Ministry of Culture: Community Groups Qualification (for people interested in starting out in the field, inhabitants of places highly affected by internal war); Teacher Training (for teachers with non-formal theater schools); Qualifications for Artists (in cities where the theatre has been of importance).

In addition to the project management team, in order to realise the project, a group of theatre teachers was formed with 11 Academic Advisors (from 9 regional Universities) and 27 masters of performing arts from different places across Colombia. Over the two years, the Theater Training Laboratories were carried out in 32 municipalities with a local coordinator in each place. Works were created for different audiences, in children’s and adult theatres, with a total of 948 participants.

Over the course of the project two large meetings were held with the team of Academic Advisors as well as three Seminar-Workshops with the participation of the laboratory teachers and the Advisors. The outcome of these meetings made up the content of the document: Guideline Recommendations for Non-Formal Theatre Training, 2015 and 2016.

Client Testimonial

Catalina Bojacá worked with Entre las Artes for three years as Academic Coordinator of three major national projects. Her work on these projects was outstanding. This involved having an understanding of the pedagogical and methodological approaches and the cultural context in which they were developed, as well as great discipline and an ability to relate harmoniously with the teams, to guarantee compliance with processes and goals. The Asociación Entre las Artes appreciates her project development and management skills and continues to consider her a very dear friend of the community “.

María Elena Ronderos
, Director of Asociación Entre las Artes,


Client:Entre las artes