Collaborative Sculpture. An Essay on Construction.

The Project

As part of their artistic partnerships programme, InSite/Casa Gallina wanted to document a commission by the artist collective Tercerunquinto (visual artists Rolando Flores and Gabriel Cazares). The commission consisted of a collaborative process between Tercerunquinto and the local community, specifically a selection of representatives of a range of different trades identified through an investigative process: a bricklayer, an electrician, a blacksmith, a plumber, a carpenter and a painter & decorator. The space chosen to create this work was a vacant lot in the Santa María la Ribera neighbourhood. The project was curated by Violeta Celis and produced by Sergio Olivares, Mariano Arribas and César Morales.

The Realisation

The role of direction of photography consisted of the documentation, in video and still photography, of the construction process over a 4-week period. At a certain point in the development of the project, Tercerunquinto decided to use the video material not only as a record of the commission but also for the creation of a new independent video work. The photography was used for a publication that formed part of the commission. The final material was delivered in high quality and on time.


Client:InSite / Casa Gallina