Alma de Casa

The Project

Create a mobile audiovisual experimentation workshop for diverse groups of participants with the objective of producing a moving image work that will form part of an online collection. The foundational concept of the workshop was the ‘soul of the home’, a play on words in Spanish that explores the notion of the essence of the home, the daily dynamics of family practices which form the basis of education and of contemporary Mexican society.

The Realisation

Over a period of 6 months and through a series of research and creative brainstorming sessions, we created a concept, a teaching methodology and a structure for a 22-hour laboratory including a public ‘preview’ screening event. A group of individuals without prior knowledge in audiovisual media and artistic creation were invited to participate in a pilot workshop that took place in February 2019. They learned to use audiovisual language creatively according to their own interests. Through the narration of their daily dynamics they made an experimental, collaborative video work based on the concept of the ‘Alma de Casa’, gender roles and how the dynamics of public life stem from the private. We also created a ‘making of’ video, three promotional videos for social media use, all branding and a project website.

Client:Alma de Casa
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