Twilight Zone

The Project

Visual Artist & Choreographer, Galia Eibenschutz, required audiovisual documentation of a performative action, Zona de Penumbra (Twilight Zone) commissioned by Fundación Marso for the large group exhibition, Aquelarre. The piece was originally planned as a live performance, open to the general public but as a consequence of the pandemic, the need arose to rethink the project completely and instead turn it into a videoart piece.

The Realisation

From the original planned performance, Galia extracted a sequences of movements that she wanted to focus on for the filmed artwork. This was used as a basis for the creation of the storyboard and shooting list. With the support of the Ex Teresa Arte Actual Museum as a location, a careful production was executed, paying great attention to detail with regard not only to image but sound and lighting also.

Client Testimonial


Client:Galia Eibenschutz