Production Lab for Cultural Project Managers

The Project

The undergraduate degree programme in Arts & Culture Communication and Management at the University of Communication, required a programme focused on teaching its final semester students the basics of audiovisual production and realisation that would simultaneously encourage reflection on content and the understanding of audiovisual tools for project management in the cultural and educational field.

The Realisation

A custom-designed Audiovisual Laboratory was created in order to expand cultural sector professionals’ knowledge and skills in the audiovisual medium. Over a series of modules, the programme focuses on the exploration of image, colour, soundscapes, space, and the conceptualisation and effective communication of stories and messages. Participants are encouraged to reflect and analyse visual language as a means of understanding different realities and emotions and to push themselves to find respectful and inclusive forms of communication.

Client Testimonial

Working with De Casa Producciones has been an extremely nourishing experience for the students at the University of Communication. Not only did they provide the technical and theoretical bases of video production, but they also encouraged creation outside of the classroom which is clearly a reflection of the experience and power of inspiration they have. I dare say that the phrase ‘the sky’s the limit’ fits De Casa Producciones perfectly.

Karen Huber, Undergraduate Coordinator


Client:Universidad de la Comunicación