Looking for Paradise

The Project

The artist Katri Walker became a fellow of the Mexican National System of Art Creators in 2019 for her project Looking for Paradise; an audiovisual investigation that over 3 years seeks to investigate the concept of paradise through a selection of 10 places in Mexico called ‘Paraíso’ or ‘El Paraíso’. The project requirements included research, logistics, video and still photography, location filming, outreach to communities and identification of potential protagonists, corroboration of information and history, editing of a series of short films, and the design and development of a website.

At the end of 2021, the project will enter a second stage in which the production of a documentary feature film will be undertaken with an anticipated premiere date in 2024. For this, financing will be required for production, post-production and distribution.

The Realisation

We collaborated with Katri to select the locations with the greatest geographic and demographic variety in order to ensure that the project may accurately represent the regional and cultural diversity of Mexico. A 3-year development plan was designed in which 10 Paradises were visited and within which characters and locations were identified and interviews and images were recorded. With this material, a series of short films is being produced that focus on the most pertinent themes that emerged from each location and which are included on a project website. The project is in the process of sourcing funding for production of the feature-length documentary.


Client:Katri Walker