Alma de Casa

The Project

Create a platform for reflection, teaching and audiovisual experimentation for various groups of participants, with a view to producing video works that contribute to an online collection as well as written content to populate a digital editorial where contributors reflect and comment on equality, gender roles, the everyday and family dynamics.

The Realisation

We proposed the concept of  ‘alma de casa’ (soul of the house) as a wordplay that invites reflection on roles, gender stereotypes and how the public space emerges from private dynamics.
Based on this concept, we created AdeC Lab, a mobile audiovisual laboratory in which groups of participants without prior knowledge of the medium, learn to use audiovisual language in a creative way, to produce a collaborative experimental short film based on the questioning of what alma de casa means. From the main topics of interest that arise in AdeC Lab, and as an open, inclusive space for expression, we created Alma Editorial where texts that raise important questions are published by diverse contributors. In addition to this, rising the need for social distancing, Casa Exquisita was born, using one of the main tools of AdeC Lab as its foundation. Casas Exquisita invites groups of moving image professionals to produce a collaborative short film that then becomes part of an on going collection.

Client:Alma de Casa
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