ala paR *15. Museology Training Programme

The Project

The association of art teachers Entre las Artes in collaboration with the Direction of Visual Arts of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, designed and carried out the pedagogical project ala paR *15 the objective of which was to promote research, the formulation of museographic projects, application to the stimulus programmes and the artistic circulation to the Salones Regionales de Artistas en Colombia.

The Realisation

Seven teams were formed by prominent educators, curators, museographers and cultural managers, and with a methodology proposed by María Elena Ronderos, Director of the Association Entre Las Artes, each team designed a seminar-workshop focused on the specific context of their respective geographical region which included Tunja, Bucaramanga, Neiva, Armenia, Villavicencio, Popayán and Santa Marta. The seminars were attended by approximately 600 participants amongst whom were art teachers, cultural managers, artists, art students and general public with an interest in the visual arts. Seven individual programmes that dealt with the specific political and geographical contexts of each region were succesfully realised and resulted in a public exhibition from each.

Client Testimonial

“The development process in each of the 7 regions was deeply significant thanks to Catalina Bojacá and her ability to successfully connect the most qualified professionals in each region at the same time as achieving a high turnout of the most outstanding people in the artistic fields. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the results were so relevant across the board but different in each region due to the fact that different problems were defined and distinct methodologies used. In my opinion it is one of the most successful training processes that have taken place in the regional context of Colombia.”

Jaime Cerón
, Visual Arts Advisor 2010-2014, Ministry of Culture